Restaurants Food Deal Review | Shopping Best Buy | DealHitsSinyoong Solutions is a social mobile marketing company that develops location-based technology solutions for a network of shoppers, restaurants and retailers to create and market attractive deals to interested parties, drive effective personalized customer engagement and deliver cost efficient market reach within a specific geographical location. The company uses mobile applications, cloud computing and data analytics to enable effective shoppers, restaurants and retailers engagement, a closed-loop marketing promotions besides enabling restaurants and retailers to improve their products and lead in service innovation based on customers’ experience.

Sinyoong Solutions’ mission is to create avenues to increase shoppers’ purchasing power and enhance restaurants and retailers’ productivity growth as they engage, interact and connect to transact with the vision to create a sustainable customer experience and marketing relationships where shoppers, restaurants and retailers co-exist to prosper economically. The company develops DealHits™ and DealHitsBiz™ to enable consumers and businesses to monetize the benefits of social networks thru direct shoppers and retailers engagement. DealHits™ social media is designed to uplift shoppers’ shopping experience thru personalised assistance. Restaurants and Retailers can leverage on DealHits™ value added services by subscribing to DealHitsBiz™ mobile marketing application, which enables restaurants and retailers’ to match promotional products and services to interested customers within their proximity.

Sinyoong Solutions social media is tailored to the needs of shoppers, restaurants and retailers in Southeast Asia, which has a combined population of more than 600 millions people. More than 200 millions people in Southeast Asia are active social media users and the numbers are growing exponentially. Economically, the region is projected to grow more than double by 2020, with the nominal gross domestic product of the regional bloc increasing from US$2 trillion in 2012 to US$4.7 trillion. This creates a huge growing consumers market opportunity for DealHits™ social media that focuses on personalising shopping experience and DealHitsBiz™ marketing application to enrich shoppers’ shopping experience in Southeast Asia.

Sinyoong™, DealHits™, DealHitsBiz™ and their respective logos are product brands and trademarks of Sinyoong Solutions.