Our Mission

Sinyoong Solutions’ mission is to create avenues to increase shoppers’ purchasing power and enhance restaurants and retailers’ productivity growth as both engage, interact and connect to transact with the vision to create a sustainable customer experience and marketing relationships where shoppers, restaurants and retailers co-exist to prosper economically. The company develops DealHits™ and DealHitsBiz™ to enable consumers and businesses to monetize the benefits of social networks thru direct shoppers and retailers engagement.

As a young start-up, we are highly driven by our passion and motivation to bring best possible ideas to fruition and incredible solutions to market to achieve our mission. We want you to be part of our core team if you have deep passion to succeed in the world of social mobility analytics development, share our mission and see the future of your career growth with us.

Together, we want to redefine the future how shoppers, restaurants and retailers engage and lead the growing retail and hospitality opportunities in Southeast Asia.


DNA for Success

We want young technopreneurs who are highly energetic, who can feel the pulse of the market and who see huge growth opportunities in Southeast Asia retail and hospitality industry. 

We need technopreneurs who have deep passion in driving social mobility analytics development and who are highly motivated to build world-class products that will enrich shoppers, restaurants and retailers engagement and shopping experience. 

We love technopreneurs who have the ambitions to pioneer product design, development, delivery and who embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement and learning to solidify the Quality of our solutions and our market competitiveness.

Write to us if you want to make a difference in your Career, share our Mission and have the DNA for success!


Open Positions – Location Southeast Asia


Software Developer (Mobile Applications)

Software Developer (Web Applications)

Quality & Continuous Improvement Engineer

Data Analytics Specialist

Database & Infrastructure Administrator

Director, Solutions & Product Development


Talent Development & Retention Specialist

Customer Service Specialist

Senior Manager, Customer Relations & Services

Senior Manager, Administration & People Development

Director, Operations & Customer Experience


Content Editor & Writer (English, Chinese Simplified & Traditional)

Content Editor & Writer (English, Bahasa Melayu & Indonesia)

Content Editor & Writer (English, Thai)

Content Editor & Writer (English, Tagalog)

Content Editor & Writer (English, Vietnamese)

Digital & Graphic Design Specialist

Senior Manager, Social Media & Digital Marketing

Director, Public Relations & Marketing


Sales & Marketing Specialist

Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Director, Sales & Business Development



Executive Assistant

Procurement Specialist

Business Centre Specialist

Director, Finance & Corporate Services


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