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sunnyDealHitsBiz™ (, the merchant mobile marketing application, is the extension of DealHits™ value added services that enables restaurants and retailers to manage advertising content and marketing costs, reach out to new customers, and lead in customer experience. DealHitsBiz™ subscribers are provided with cost effective product features to enable local restaurants and retailers to engage and interact directly with DealHits™ shoppers within their geographical locations.

DealHitsBiz™ subscribers can further claim their own places in DealHits™ and upload local restaurants or retail stores’ real-time deals and promotions cost efficiently to meet DealHits™ nearby shoppers’ shopping needs. This helps DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to reach out to targeted customers within the community, and drive instant customer visits and conversions to their outlets.

DealHitsBiz™ subscribers can customise shopping deals, and improve products and services based on customer reviews. This allows DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to reach out to their customers to improve customer dining or shopping experience in their local outlets. DealHitsBiz™ also keeps track of consumer mobile analytics that restaurants and retailers need to personalise local deals or promotions across multi-brands and multi-outlets. This again helps DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to increase their stores daily customer visits and conversions as they incentivise nearby DealHits™ shoppers to their outlets in different locations.

DealHits™ also recognises DealHits™ shoppers for sharing restaurants and retailers’ local places, deals and reviews with families, friends and DealHits™ community. This increases DealHitsBiz™ subscribers’ engagement with DealHits™ shoppers as they focus on new customer reach, improve their products and lead in service innovation. Sign up DealHitsBiz™ now to learn more on how DealHitsBiz™ helps business to monetize the benefits of social network. Let’s start engaging your customers, their families, friends and other members of DealHits™ community today. Thank you for your business active participation and subscription.

Sinyoong™, DealHits™, DealHitsBiz™ and their respective logos are product brands and trademarks of Sinyoong Solutions.

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