Hannah Nguyen, 28, a sushi sports bar and cafe owner. Hannah recently opened her own bistro and cafe after working for several years with an international food chain. As a young startup, Hannah needs guidance in customer reach, customer service and featured foods information to attract customers in her district to her restaurant. Hannah works on limited capital and depends heavily on daily sales to keep her business going. Hannah has little budget for print advertising and marketing. Find out how DealHitsBiz™ helps small and medium business like Hannah to get results cost effectively. Sign Up DealHitsBiz™ now to learn more.


Salem Mohammad, 48, a local petroleum and convenience retailer. Besides fuel and retail merchandise, Salem offers special American New York style hot dogs and chicken burgers with french fries during rush hours in addition to local foods to attract young working customers to his store. Salem’s loyal customers visit his store frequently but this does not help Salem reach out to other working professionals in nearby downtown areas. Find out how DealHitsBiz™ helps food operator and retailer like Salem reach out to a wider customer base to increase customer visits and conversions. Sign Up DealHitsBiz™ now to learn more.


Ammie Chaiprawatwong, 35, a regional restaurant chain manager. Ammie is responsible for local chain restaurants customer engagement and experience. As a regional manager, Ammie needs to drive and personalise customer experience while working with local restaurants to improve customer visits across their multi-brand restaurants in nearby locations. Find out how DealHitsBiz™ helps multi-brand restaurants chain operator like Ammie to drive cross store promotions and personalise customer experience across her restaurant brands in the same geographical location. Sign Up DealHitsBiz™ now to learn more.


Sinyoong Solutions | DealHitsBizThese are examples of local business challenges faced by small and medium enterprises, and major food and retail chains in managing business costs, driving market reach and inspiring better service innovation for their operations. DealHitsBiz™ (, the merchant mobile marketing application, is the extension of DealHits™ value added services that enables restaurants and retailers to manage advertising content and marketing costs, reach out to new customers, and lead in customer experience.

DealHitsBiz™ subscribers are provided with cost effective product features to enable local restaurants and retailers to engage and interact directly with DealHits™ shoppers within their geographical locations. DealHitsBiz™ subscribers can further claim their own places in DealHits™ and upload local restaurants or retail stores’ real-time deals and promotions cost efficiently to meet DealHits™ nearby shoppers’ shopping needs. This helps DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to reach out to targeted customers within the community, and drive instant customer visits and conversions to their outlets.

DealHitsBiz™ subscribers can customise shopping deals, and improve products and services based on customer reviews. This allows DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to reach out to their customers to improve customer dining or shopping experience in their local outlets. DealHitsBiz™ also keeps track of consumer mobile analytics that restaurants and retailers need to personalise local deals or promotions across multi-brands and multi-outlets. This again helps DealHitsBiz™ subscribers to increase their stores daily customer visits and conversions as they incentivise nearby DealHits™ shoppers to their outlets in different locations.

DealHits™ also recognises DealHits™ shoppers for sharing restaurants and retailers’ local places, deals and reviews with families, friends and DealHits™ community. This increases DealHitsBiz™ subscribers’ engagement with DealHits™ shoppers as they focus on new customer reach, improve their products and lead in service innovation. Sign Up DealHitsBiz™ now to learn more on how DealHitsBiz™ helps business to monetize the benefits of social network. Let’s start engaging your customers, their families, friends and other members of DealHits™ community today. Thank you for your business active participation and subscription.

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