Make every dollar count


DealHits™ ( is the location-based social mobile shopping application for shoppers, restaurants and retailers to engage and interact to enrich everyone’s shopping experience. DealHits™ mobile application is designed to make it easier for you to achieve personal needs that are important in your everyday shopping lifestyle and to uplift your shopping engagement with nearby retailers.

DealHits™ is free, fun and easy to use. It enables you to create, share, and exchange restaurants and retail stores deals, promotions and reviews with families and friends while you are on the move. DealHits™ allows you to reach out to restaurants or retailers directly to shape your favourite deals and stretch your dollar. You can also engage restaurants and retailers in the community to voice suggestions to improve their products and services, and your personal shopping experience.

You will be recognised for sharing places, deals and reviews with families, friends and DealHits™ community. Besides, DealHits™ enables you to drive better customer experience and marketing relationships among shoppers, restaurants and retailers within your own geographical location. Sign Up DealHits™ now and start sharing your amazing shopping experience with your families, friends and retailers nearby you.

Sinyoong™, DealHits™, DealHitsBiz™ and their respective logos are product brands and trademarks of Sinyoong Solutions.